Oneword365. I’m participating in this fantastic adventure of focusing on one word as my theme for the year.

I’m horrible at keeping New Year resolutions. I make my “I’m going to do these things” list and then promptly forget about it. Or try to deny its’ existence as it mocks me from within the pages of my journal. Choosing just one single word to focus on for the year, to allow to shape decisions, ideas and dreams seems to make more sense to me. And is less likely to end in disappointment and guilt.

So what is my word?


I want to grow. I want to grow in faith. Family relationships. Friendships. Gardens. Business. Physical strength/endurance. Skills. Organization. Memorable Moments. Knowledge.

I want to be sitting in my chair in 365 days and be able to look back on this year and see evidence, both tangible & intangible, of having grown.

I want to spend the year doing things on purpose. It’s time to do it. It’s time to GROW.