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Hi! My name is Jocelyn! With a husband, 3 kids that I have given birth to, 4 step-kids (all adults living out of the house), a grandbaby due in October, 2 dogs (1 is a temporary resident), 3 cats, various dust bunnies and the odd spider living in this house, I have a pretty great life!! However, with 1 of my kids being  a toddler, 1 a teenager and the other an almost-teenager, things get a little crazy around here sometimes! But it’s a good crazy!

I love social media. I love how it allows you to connect with people in an easy, almost effortless way. It allows you to keep up to date on what a person is up to, what their kids are doing, and how they waste their time (haha)! I love how easy it is to share photos and videos with loved ones of the important and mundane events in our lives. It has both simplified and complicated my life and my connections.

I have been needing to find a way to connect in a way that makes sense to me with those around me. I have needed to find a way to share my ideas, thoughts, triumphs, failures, and just the every day mundane things with those I love. There was a time when writing emails worked for me but over the years I have gotten away from that (thank you social media!). Before email was the phone – oh how I have burned up those lines over the years but with the dawning of email, the phone took a sunset cruise into a land I rarely access (I’m a texter!). So between my love of writing and need to connect, it only makes sense to blog.

Over the years I have attempted to blog but I had these inflated ideas of myself and my importance and ability to dole out wisdom. HA! It was a lot of pressure to be profound and I just couldn’t keep up with the intensity of thought and feeling that was required by my early ideas of what this had to be. There are others out there who do a great job of stirring hearts and engaging intellect on a regular basis. I already have a day-job (actually it’s a 24/7 job but who’s keeping track?!) and it doesn’t include writing for hours on end. But I can quickly write a post about whatever is happening and my family can access it when it’s convenient for them and stay informed and in touch. And that just seems so much easier. It’s not about numbers and changing the world but about connecting with others – family, friends – and just being real.

If you read me on a regular basis, great!! If you read me occasionally, great!! And if I am simply talking to the wind…well, God is in the wind so I know I have at least one person listening and that’s a good enough connection for me!!


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