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We all have them. Things that get us excited and make the blood flow just a little faster through our veins. They can be many things or a simple few. They may be long term or they may be just for a time. Here are a few of mine both current and past:


This is both a lifestyle choice and a passion for me at this point in time. It may or may not be fleeting, based solely on circumstance and stage in life. Whatever the case may be, I love it!! I cannot imagine our life without babywearing. There are so many aspects to it that make it something that gets me excited – the closeness it provides between mom and baby/toddler, the convenience of being able to do things with both hands while keeping child close at hand, the beauty of the carriers and wraps that have developed as a result of others’ passion for the same. This is something that, if you ask me about it, I could go on for hours about! But I won’t. At least not in this post!

Babywearing Demo - September 2014

Babywearing Demo – September 2014


Yup. I said it! I am passionate about breastfeeding. Liam and I are going on 22 months of it so I better be passionate about it or I just like to be held captive by a young human for long periods of time each day! This isn’t something that I expect will be a fleeting passion although my hands’ on involvement will obviously not be forever! The day will come when Liam is no longer nursing but my passion and enthusiasm for it will not wane just because he’s no longer interested. It will just look different.

Photo credit: Peggy Knaak, Sunbeams and Freckles Photography, Kamloops, BC 2014

Photo credit: Peggy Knaak, Sunbeams and Freckles Photography, Kamloops, BC 2014

Shoes. Boots. Footwear.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE shoes!! And BOOTS!! And I am seriously considering getting a part time job outside of the house to help fund my love of both shoes and wraps (for babywearing). My tastes, as I am getting older and more experienced, are refining which really means they are getting more expensive. I won’t be buying cheap shoes or boots ever again even if that means I own fewer. I would give up my 6 pairs of pretty awesome boots for 1 pair of AMAZING Fluevogs in a heartbeat if I could. Don’t know what Fluevogs are? Check them out here: Fluevog Shoes.


I LOVE books! I love everything about books! I love that a person can open the pages of new book and enter a world that is not their own. I love the feel of them, the smell of them, the sound of them. The soft swishing of a page turning is a sound like no other. Some of my best times have been spent alone in a book store wandering the aisles discovering new gems. Those times have only been overshadowed by the fact that I cannot afford to bring all the books home with me and I must therefore choose. It is almost like asking a mother to pick her favorite child. Impossible. I love all kinds of books – almost all kinds of fiction (no fantasy, sci-fi or vampire books for me) and many types of non-fiction. My favorite gifts as a child were books and to this day, one of my favorite gifts is a gift card to Amazon or Chapters with a large goodly balance on it with which to buy a few new friends to add to my collections. I read my books over and over and over. They never get old.


I LOVE BABIES!! Since I was a little girl I have loved babies. Pretty sure I will always love them. The wonder of them, the potential of them, the unwritten stories that they represent….LOVE THEM!!!

Grandson Jasper & I just a few days ago (he was 2 days old)

Grandson Jasper & I just a few days ago (he was 2 days old)

Creative Arts

Music. Sewing. Papercrafting. Writing. I love these things because they feed my soul. They are outlets of expression. They are feeders of my heart. They allow me to both give and receive in ways that my soul requires to remain healthy and whole. But they are also the source of much angst and anguish for me as I am a perfectionist who is learning to let go of some of that when appropriate. Better to be creating imperfectly than to not create at all.

A cool bag I created to haul my stuff that I can use while babywearing (passions coming together!)

A cool bag I created to haul my stuff that I can use while babywearing (passions coming together!)


I am passionate about people. I want to help them, to see them live whole and fulfilling lives. I want to see broken people fixed, hurting people soothed, wounded people healed. I want to know them, to understand what makes them tick and to use that knowledge to help them be better people, to help ME be a better person. People have long fascinated and frustrated me. The psychology of people fascinates me. This is one passion that I am not quite sure how it is going to manifest itself in my life as time goes on but it is one that I want to see grow and develop. I see glimpses of how it may play out as I muddle my way through each day but I fear it may be a long time before a clear picture of this develops in my life. It does lead to overload and burn out at times as does my passion for the creative. Something I am working on because the people in my life should not suffer because of the creative in my life nor should the creative in my life suffer because of the people in my life.

Some of the people I love to know!

Some of the people I love to know!

These are just a few of the things that I am passionate about. Some very specific. Some with room to develop and grow more specifically. Some are deep. Others more shallow or less philosophical. But all get me excited and cause me to want to go on and on about them! 🙂 I can’t do that right now though…the day calls as does another passion – COFFEE!!!


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