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“Buh-bye!” Liam called to my friend and her kids as they pulled out of the driveway this morning. She’s  is Emily & Isaac’s home teacher for this next year of school. We had just spent the previous 2 hours going over the Student Learning Plans for both of the kids.

As I sit here with all these plans going through my head, I have to admit that I feel a little overwhelmed by the magnitude of what we are taking on. Transitioning from going to school every day to homeschooling is a HUGE transition, especially at the ages my kids are at – Grade 8 & 9 respectively. It’s a decision that hasn’t been made lightly and is one that, especially now, I am feeling excited about. But OH MAN! I also feel like someone is standing behind me, as I stand on the edge of a platform looking down into the pool below, saying “1-2-3….!” and about to push me over the edge.

The nerves are starting to kick in and I am feeling both a rush of excitement at what is coming as well as fear. This homeschooling thing is about to get VERY real here in our home!! EEK!

So much to do in the next few weeks as we prepare for the start of school, so many questions need answered. What are our days going to look like? Where in the house are we going to do our schooling? How are we going to handle things like lack of motivation or desire to school? How am I going to handle the responsibilities of house and home and now school?


That last question is really the one that has me the most nervous. I am confident that not enrolling my kids in the local high school for the coming year is the best thing for them. But despite the fact that I am sure of that, and I am confident that enrolling them with Traditional Learning Academy is going to be a good fit, I’m still a little concerned – no matter how great our next year might look on paper, what if we can’t stand spending so much time together? What if we can’t find a good balance between work and fun? What if the kids’ won’t listen or we end up butting heads all the time? What if the whole thing just ends up being an exercise in frustration?

On the flip side of those nerves and questions is the excitement. My friend and I had fun making plans and it’s going to be even more fun to finalize and execute those plans. It’s going to be great to see how the kids handle the project based learning we’re planning for them. I have high hopes….and I’m counting on the fact that hundreds of families embark on this journey together every year and do so successfully. Plus Traditional Learning Academy has a fantastic program and we have a great group of people backing us.

So I guess it’s time….

3 – 2 – 1 – GO!!!


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