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Good Night

The sun is setting behind me as I sit in the rocking chair with my back to the window. It has been a full day for Liam and I, a day filled with new people amd experiences. I like days like today but I must admit I’m not sure if I like the day itself or the quiet togetherness I know we’ll get to have at the end of it.

Good night.

Two words I whisper every night as I lay my baby down to sleep. I’ve been whispering those same two simple words for years now as my children have gone to bed.

Good night.

Two words packed with so much meaning: Sleep well. Only beautiful dreams. Be safe. I have such hope for you. You are special. You matter. You may be the oldest/middle/youngest but you matter like you’re the only. I love you. You make me smile just by existing. I’m sorry that I failed you today. Rest your heart and mind tonight and we’ll try again tomorrow. I’m praying for you. Jesus loves you. Good night.

My oldest two are away right now visiting their dad and his parents. It’s been almost a week since I’ve been able to tell them goodnight. But even though they haven’t heard it, I’ve whispered it at the moon knowing they are looking at the same moon.

Good night.

Good night my dear children. Sleep well. I love you. And as I hold Liam, I long to hug all of you. Good night.


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