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Our Day At The Wildlife Park

We spent the afternoon as a family at the BC Wildlife Park. I wasn’t sure how the afternoon would go but it was a resounding success! I thought possibly Liam was still too small to notice the animals or to enjoy the train ride but I was wrong! He would notice those animals and “woof” like he does every time he sees a dog! Apparently anything with fur or hair and 4 legs, ears, a face, is a dog! It was pretty darn cute!

Isaac begged me for control of my phone/camera and so I reluctantly gave it to him. In the past he’s taken all kinds of goofy pictures that don’t show much of anything but today he took some great ones (after I insisted he not use the special effects!!). So many of these photos below are credited to him. For once I am in some of them. I think I’ll be giving him the camera more often after today!

2014-05-19 14.29.03

First real outing with the new SewFunky.ca ring sling. Looks good! Feels better!

2014-05-19 15.10.51

Can’t go to the Wildlife Park without riding on the train! (Isaac refused to smile – on purpose. We did NOT force him into doing anything he didn’t want to do! I promise!!)

2014-05-19 15.33.36

Checking out these weird things called PIGS! Oink Oink!

2014-05-19 15.34.10

Pretty sure Liam was trying to climb the gate into the chicken’s pen.

2014-05-19 15.34.20

When climbing didn’t work, he tried sucking on it. (I refuse to think about how GROSS that is!!!)

2014-05-19 15.34.27

When climbing and sucking didn’t help him get into the pen, he just looked with great interest at these weird birds!

2014-05-19 15.35.21

Everyone had to get in on the action – Pot Bellied Pigs are pretty darn cool!

2014-05-19 15.35.33

Not a great picture of them but there are two – a male and a female! Shortly after this was taken, the park workers came in to feed them. Boy were those pigs NOISY in their demand for food!!

2014-05-19 15.35.47

Pretty sure Liam is thinking “WOAH! Those pigs are WEIRD!”

2014-05-19 15.47.05

Just strolling along with his big sis….

2014-05-19 15.47.09

“Hey look! It’s that train again!”

2014-05-19 15.47.21


2014-05-19 15.50.45

I wanted a nice picture of Isaac. He didn’t want to take a picture. So I tried forcing the issue. I kinda jumped on his back. The kid is amazingly strong! This was accidentally taken in the melee!

2014-05-19 15.51.56

He finally agreed to a picture but he wasn’t going to be happy about it.

2014-05-19 15.52.11

“Dad’s telling stories again…wonder what’s happening over there?”

2014-05-19 15.52.24

“Yup. Still talking. Doop dee doo…”

2014-05-19 15.52.57

FINALLY!! A NICE picture with Isaac! He agreed to a nice picture on the condition he got to use the camera/phone for the next while. I agreed. Anything for a rare photo op with my oldest son! AND CHECK IT OUT!! He’s NOT standing on anything so as to be the same height as me!!! EEEK!

2014-05-19 15.53.14

Photo credit to Isaac. 🙂 Just the kind of picture I love to take!

2014-05-19 15.53.24

“Hey mom! Smile!” So I cheesy smile forgetting for a moment he’s got a camera. Ah well. Even supermodels take bad pictures (and I am pretty sure many of the good ones are photoshopped anyway!!) Photo credit to Isaac

2014-05-19 16.05.11


2014-05-19 16.14.05

Swan! Beautiful! I will confess I deleted many of the animal pictures he took. Regretfully. I wasn’t thinking about blog posts or stories when I did that. I’ll not do that next time I give him the camera – I lost out on some of his perspective of our afternoon as a result. 😦

2014-05-19 16.14.11

Swan goes for a walk. Photo by Isaac.

2014-05-19 16.14.25

We were treated to a fine display of plumage by the Park’s resident peacock. Shortly after this he came over the fence and went on his merry way – I could have touched him! Beautiful fellow! Photo credit to Isaac.

2014-05-19 16.16.20

Hey Liam! Are you silly?? (Photo credit to Isaac)

2014-05-19 16.16.22


2014-05-19 16.16.24

I AM SO SILLY!!! (insert belly laugh here!) Photo credit Isaac.

2014-05-19 16.16.25

Was that silly enough? I have some more in me….!! Photo credit Isaac.


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