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Keeping In Touch #3


2014-03-16 16.03.01-2

Liam Selfie – when traveling, sometimes you just have to give the kid your phone to keep him happy!

Obsessing over: Sewing! And crosstitch. And trying to figure out, or rather, find a way to balance what I need to do each day with what I want to do. As well as trying to determine when “good enough” is okay and when it’s not.

Reading:  I’m STILL reading “Desperate”…and “Cleaning House” although CH has taken a backseat. I’ve been tired lately and my head and heart are so full of things to process that I am slowly working through the good stuff. I’m also reading “Sycamore Road” by John Grisham…which I am sharing with Tim – he reads before he falls asleep and I come in later and read before I fall asleep!

Oh! I am also reading 1 Peter right now in my regular Bible reading. Some really great stuff!!

Working on: Continuing to work on decluttering and simplifying our home. There is no point in trying to organize if we have much more than we need taking up space in our home. This week I am working specifically on Isaac’s room and my office. My office is just messy. Isaac’s room looked like a bomb went off! YIKES!! I should have taken a picture so I could show a before and after but you’ll have to just take my word for it!!

Smile??? Next time I ask him to smile for a picture, I'm going to make sure he's finished eating! OOPS!

Next time I ask him to smile for a picture, I’m going to make sure he’s finished eating! OOPS!

Thinking about: I was at a conference on the weekend, Levite Summit, that was focused on worship and the arts and the resurgance of creative and new within the church. Erwin McManus was the keynote speaker. I can’t even begin to put into words yet what I am thinking about from the teaching and information from the weekend but you can bet that once I am done processing and pondering there WILL be a post about it!

Anticipating: My dear mother-in-law is coming to visit on Friday and my older two kids return from Ontario, where they have been visiting their dad, on Thursday. I am looking forward to the end of the week! We’re having the local kids in for dinner on Friday evening. I LOVE having family around and in our home!

Eating: Apple Crisp. Made some for dessert tonight – had my grandpa over for dinner – and mmm mmmmmm. I LOVE apple crisp! And Liam does too! Guess what’s for breakfast tomorrow??!!

Praying for: ALWAYS my kids!! You can just assume that! Also for the big kids – Tim’s kids – as they are all encountering life and challenges and the daily realities of being adults. I’m also praying for clarity and direction as I work to figure out exactly how God wants me to serve Him – I’m feeling like I’m supposed to be doing more but am not quite sure what “more” is or what that looks like.

Wishing for: Rest. Direction (as mentioned above). A cleaning and decluttering fairy (although doing it myself is rewarding, I know…right?).

And that’s that.


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