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Look What I Made!

I learned how to sew a straight seam on Thursday afternoon and so I decided I knew enough to attempt a slightly bigger project than a little bag…A QUILT! I picked up a Jelly Roll from the local quilting store (Katja’s Quilts) and got to work.

It’s really quite easy – sew the strips together end to end to create one LONG strip of fabric (and I mean LONG!!!). Then fold it in half, right sides together, and sew from one end to the other along one side (you cut the fold open right before you get to the end). Open it up, fold it in half again end to end and sew up one side…basically you repeat step 1 a few times until it forms a crib sized quilt top. It’s SUPER EASY!!! I did it while sick with the flu on Friday!

Here is my finished quilt top – now all I have to do is learn how to finish it off with the batting and binding and all that stuff! I’m going to let some lovely ladies from my church teach me that in a couple weeks.

My First Quilt Top!

My First Quilt Top! (Ignore hubby’s feet!! and the mess in the living room!)


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