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Mom's Tea Set

Mom’s Tea Set

I have a tea set sitting on a shelf in my china cabinet that I acquired after my mom passed away. It’s beautiful. In perfect condition. Might be worth a penny or two. Holds so many memories. But it is so not my style. I am not a pink roses with fluted edges kind of girl. I generally don’t make tea in a teapot that matches my teacup and saucer and cake plate! If I were offered the set by a friend, I would have graciously said thank you but no thank you. I couldn’t do that to this particular set.

I have looked at this tea set over and over for the last few months. It looks pretty sitting on its’ shelf but it isn’t bringing me joy. It’s lack of use & the guilt I feel because of that has started to overshadow the memories. Good memories. Memories of putting on that favorite dress and sitting down to a REAL cup of tea complete with milk and sugar. Memories of my mom, serving cakes and other yummy treats to others and pouring tea from the tea pot. Memories of birthday parties and tea parties and the “special occasion” feeling that was created every time Mom pulled out this set. Memories that I want to keep special.

I’ve known for a little while now that I need to find a new home for this set. It’s taking up space that I need for other things. It is collecting dust. It just needs to move on. But letting it go to just anyone hasn’t been something I’ve been able to do. So I have held on to it. I don’t want it sold off in separate pieces. I don’t want the cups used for candles. I don’t want it to go to someone who won’t appreciate the history and memories. So it collects dust.

A Close Up of Mom's Tea Set - Royal Albert Lavender Rose

A Close Up of Mom’s Tea Set – Royal Albert Lavender Rose

However, this is going to change this week. Following the suggestion of a friend, I contacted a local retirement home and they are so excited to be able to give a home to this set. I am excited to give it to them. They have plans to use it at their next tea party & I just might see if I can get an invitation. It’s great to know that memories will continue to be made with this set and that others will be given a chance to enjoy each other’s company and a cup of tea using my mom’s tea set. It’s even better to be able to think about that set and simply remember the special times I have associated with it.


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