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Keeping In Touch #2


Obsessing over: Wishing my mom was here. I have friends who are really struggling with different things and I wish I could ask her how to help them. Since that’s not possible, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what she would do in these different situations. The extension of  that is simply doing what is on my heart to do which I can only trust is what God would have me do. It’s scary and exciting and so awesome all at once!

Reading:  I mentioned last time that I am reading both “Cleaning House” and “Desperate”. I’m still reading both of those – the problem with reading more than one book at a time is that you don’t get through either very quickly!! I’ve been reading more of Desperate and really enjoying it – I continue to be encouraged and challenged by it. This week’s challenge is to come up with a list of women I could ask to be a mentor to me. Then to come up with a list of women in the same age/stage of life as I am (hard when you have toddlers and teenagers and adult step kids but not impossible!) to cultivate relationship with and then to come up with yet another list of some younger women who I could potentially give of myself to. It’s a bit daunting…

Working on: my lists as mentioned above. I need to work hard to overcome the lie of “why would anyone want to enter into this type of relationship with me?” to do this. But it’s so worth it and so I am determined to begin or to at least look to see if some of these relationships already exist in my life and purposefully continue to cultivate them. Other things we’re working on around here? The decluttering is a constant thing – we accumulate so much STUFF!! I am trying to teach my kids to let go of things which means I need to demonstrate this! Not always so easy!

Thinking about: major changes to our family and home. My big kids have been splitting their time between my house (2 weeks) and their dad’s house (1 week) for the last few years. We’ve gotten into a routine and while it hasn’t been ideal, it’s what we’ve gotten used to. As of yesterday that has changed – the kids are home with me fulltime. So many ways this changes things for us.

Anticipating: A busy week! Basketball 3 days for Isaac, choir rehearsals and festivals for Emily, coffee/playdates for Liam and I…I also have some things I am hoping to accomplish this week. Sorting through my office and craft supplies & reorganizing things is priority 1 on that list. Oh and Tim and I are attending a marriage conference at our church this coming weekend with the Smalleys. Should be good.

Eating: We’re still working on those great meals I put together last month! Can’t tell you how awesome it is!! I also tried my hand at brownies this week – yes, I have never made brownies before! Crazy, I know! I was quite impressed…they were really yummy!! We’re having family over for dinner on Wednesday so I need to figure out something for that – ideas anyone? I’m working on adding more fruits and veggies to both my diet and that of Liam (the big kids & husband do pretty good on their own). I will admit to not being a fan of veggies etc. But I know I need to so I’m going to try. Sigh.



Praying for: so many different things! As always – my kids! In particular, those friendships that are so essential! Also for smooth transitions as we all adjust to our new reality. Other things I am praying for are friends who have a couple sick kids and are needing to head down to the US for treatment – they are trying to raise the funds and it’s weighing heavily on my heart. I’m praying for my husband as he works so hard to provide for us. Some days the list of things that weigh on me is so long…BUT the flipside is that the list of things I am so very thankful for and beyond grateful for is even longer. As I consider the many ways I would like to see God move, I can’t help but remember the ways He already has and that is so very awesome!!

Wishing for: Good connections with others this week. For warm weather that doesn’t come with rain (HA!). Good rest for all in my home this week. Time to craft. Date time with my hubby. And that’s about it! We’ve had a busy weekend and I am tired. Moving kids. Cleaning house. Friends over to share a meal and hockey. Watching Liam continue to develop his personality (it’s HUGE) and abilities. The OSCARS! Yup. It has been a busy weekend but oh so good! Looking forward to what this week is going to bring!

Liam's Favorite Moment This Weekend - NAKED TIME!!!

Liam’s Favorite Moment This Weekend – NAKED TIME!!!


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