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Beautiful Things from Dust

Browsing through my Feedly today I came across a new post by a favorite blogger, fellow mom, Sister-in-Christ, and I was moved to tears of joy and left feeling a sense of wonder at the incredibly awesome God I follow. I have no idea if anyone I know needs to read her words and to hear her story but I want to share it because whether or not the place we have come from, or the place we are in right now, is dark or seemingly unredeemable, GOD MAKES BEAUTIFUL THINGS FROM BROKEN! Take heart! He’s done it for me, He’s done it for Kelly and He continues to do so in both of our lives and will in yours! Let him redeem those broken moments, the darkness that haunts you…and then share your story with others so they too can know the power of redemption.


As I read Kelly’s post, I thought of the song “Beautiful Things” by Gungor. It’s so fitting here! So I’m sharing it as well!! Check it out here

I’ve been looking at Peter, Jesus’ disciple that denied Jesus three times, and I am encouraged by the fact that he walked in the presence of Jesus, LITERALLY, and yet he still stumbled, he still failed. YET GOD REDEEMED HIS STORY! God brought him out of the broken and dark place he found himself after denying Jesus’ and He used him to do good things. Peter didn’t just fail once. He failed, stumbled and fell, numerous times that we get to know about. God forgave him every time, picked him up and dusted him off, and kept on loving him. He’s doing the same for us whether we can see it or not. He is making beautiful things out of the dust and ashes of our failures, out of the failures of others that directly impact our lives, out of the dark moments that we find ourselves in. Tonight I am going to bed thankful for redemption. For unmerited grace. For love that makes no sense and that gave itself for me.


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