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One of Those Days

It’s been a “hard” day around here.

Liam didn’t sleep enough yesterday. Or last night. Or late enough this morning.

Translation of above? I didn’t sleep enough last night. And the alarm went off WAY too early.

Liam & Isaac 6:30 am – Isaac was only awake because I needed him to take care of Liam while I drove Emily to school for 7 am.

Tuesdays are our “busy” day around here – Emily has choir twice – before and after school, Isaac has basketball, both have youth and I have to pick up/drop off our friend Ben in there as well. I end the day tired on a good day. On days like today with only a very few hours of sleep? I can barely think and don’t ask me what tomorrow holds as I have no clue – can’t even begin to think of it all!

Today Liam woke me up before my alarm – that is never a good thing especially before 6:30 am. He usually has to be woken up to take the kids to school between 7:30 and 8. Normally an earlier than usual morning wouldn’t matter too much except SOMEONE decided to wake up in the night for a couple of hours. Or rather, he decided that he only wanted to sleep in mommy’s arms in mommy’s bed (yes, he was that specific!) and that meant mommy couldn’t sleep – sleeping with Liam and Tim in our bed together is close to taking my life into my hands as they are both very restless sleepers!! SO. 4 hours of sleep later I am heading out the door to take Emily to school wanting nothing more than to crawl into bed and sleep another couple hours.

Liam reached that nasty point of overtired where going to sleep is difficult. But when he finally did go back to sleep this morning, I could have done a dance I was so happy…could have but didn’t as I was so tired I could hardly manage to get my glasses off my face as I fell into my bed for my nap! OH GLORIOUS NAP!!

So I didn’t do so great as a mom today – today was just about surviving until the end. BUT I didn’t mess anything up or forget anyone. I knew what we were going to have for dinner even if it was leftovers and Tim was going to have to put it together. I got my work done for choir before I left for choir. It might not have been the most productive of days (I did get laundry washed and dried though) but that’s okay. Today was one in which we simply made it through moment by moment. And despite the exhaustion and the occasional “I don’t know if I can do this” feeling before my nap, it was still a GOOD day. And I am going to head to bed grateful for it’s comfort and the sleep I am about to get there. Tomorrow is a new day and for that I am grateful!


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