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Obsessing over: Crosstitch. Homemade buns. Diaper covers and all things cute like that. You have got to see these new and awesome diaper covers I got for Liam yesterday!! I’ve had them pre-ordered for weeks now and they finally came in!! The wait was SO WORTH IT!!! Check them out here! I’ll post a picture of Liam wearing them over the next couple of days! I also got a really cute sleeved bib for him with a diaper cover that matches – you’ll see pics of both in days to come!

Reading:  I just finished reading an awesome book called Love Does by Bob Goff. I think I am going to have to read it again because it was filled with so many great ideas and thoughts that are changing how I think about serving others. Highly recommend it! I’ve now started a couple of new books – Cleaning House and Desperate. Two totally different books that are sorta related in that they both deal with mom life stuff. Cleaning house is all about another mom’s year long journey taking her kids from entitlement to responsibility (yes, I am really simplifying it!). I’m into month one. So far so good! Desperate is a book for moms by moms filled with encouragement and hope. I’ve read to the end of chapter 2 and am going back and reading again. It’s a book to be savored and to let soak into your soul. I’m also reading cheesy food-based mystery novels. They are good for escaping reality when I get a chance to lock myself in the bathroom by myself for 2 minutes!

Working on: Helping my kids learn to be responsible for their stuff as per Cleaning House – month one will likely be setting alarms & being ready to go by a certain time for Isaac & I am still trying to figure out what Emily’s thing is going to be (she’s naturally responsible). Getting our house organized and decluttered (need anything??). Engaging with others and being open to all opportunities to love others in tangible ways.

Thinking about: the day…we’ve been up and out already, dropping kids off at ortho appointments, having a coffee date with Isaac & Liam at Starbucks & getting everyone to school on time. But the day continues with several things on the list. Highlight is going to be coffee with a dear friend from church this afternoon – I just have to figure out how to be two places at once (Emily is off school early today unexpectedly so has to be picked up earlier than planned). Somewhere in there are more profound thoughts about the world around me however these are the pressing ones!

Anticipating: as mentioned…coffee with a friend. But also the weekend! My wonderful husband called me yesterday from work to ask me out on a date for Friday night (VALENTINE’S DAY!) and so we are going to dinner at a great restaurant here in town. We don’t have much planned for the weekend which is nice – I’m looking forward to a quieter weekend with the family.

Eating: A week or so ago (Superbowl weekend) I put together everything needed for 25 meals – everything was put in ziploc bags and after labeling them all with cooking instructions (for the slow cooker) they all went in the freezer. We’ve started eating them and wow! It’s making dinner time an easy and very tasty experience! Creamy porkchops, Italian chicken, Beef Dip, Chili, Lasagna, Chicken Gloria (chicken with a creamy cheesy sauce & pasta with broccoli), Stew and a potato soup….We’ve tried the porkchops and chili so far – AWESOME!! I have to decide what we’re having tonight – so many good choices!!

Praying for: Good friend connections for both of the kids; staff & students at Emily’s school as they have just lost a much loved teacher in a tragic accident on Monday; Reuben Loland & his boys as well as David Lauder & family as they adjust to life without Julie (part of her story is here); these are just a few of the things my heart is crying out to God about lately.

Wishing for: Spring! But before that I would love a HUGE snowstorm/dump of snow!! You know the kind…when you go to bed with the snow swirling outside, wind howling, and wake up to a couple feet of pure white, clean undisturbed snow. Maybe enough snow that here in Canada they actually call a snow day?!! Oh yes! THAT is something my heart would love to see…with temperatures warm enough to be able to get outside and enjoy it (so, -5 is good!). And other than that I wish Liam would learn to poop on the toilet….off to deal with THAT little issue right now!

Snowfall on city street...THIS is what I wish for...

Snowfall on city street…THIS is what I wish for…

Giving credit where credit is due….Thanks to Melissa Suominen of Simple Mel for the inspiration for the “currently” topics. You can check her blog out here.


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