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A Few Pictures…

It’s been a pretty fun week despite having colds and being cold – temperatures have finally warmed up! Hard to believe last Thursday it was -20 and today it’s almost 10 degrees (that’s Celcius for all my American friends)!! It’s spring like!! I can’t help but wonder if maybe we’re done with the worst of the winter and things are going to just keep getting better….?? Time will tell! Anyway, here are a few pics from the last week. Enjoy!

2014-02-11 14.56.51

Hanging out with mom while waiting for Emily to get out of school – Isaac was at basketball practice. Most days Liam just waits in his seat with Isaac entertaining him in the back but on this particular day, he got bored pretty quickly. He ate tea bisquits while saying hello to everyone who walked by our car!

2014-02-06 13.26.39

Our new friend, Ben. He comes and hangs out with Liam and I every day for a couple hours. He’s been coming for about 2 weeks now and it’s great fun! Today we made playdough which we’ll be adding colour to tomorrow! Going to be a fun day!

2014-02-05 16.16.22

The other day Liam was feeling pretty crappy as was I. His appetite was not great but he showed much interest in the pretzels I was eating. So we snuggled on the couch, watched Olympics and ate pretzels together. Turns out he was simply sucking the salt off and then spitting the pretzel bits out (they are large waffle shaped squares and I guess hurt to chew??!!). Pretty gross really!

2014-02-04 08.59.48

Liam has decided recently that clothes really are overrated and he HATES getting dressed. Most days when Emily & Isaac are home, he has no choice. But last Thursday he got to hang out for a few hours in the morning just the way he likes – wearing nothing but his diaper! This embroidery hoop provided much entertainment!

Mmmm...Bacon Breakfast Sandwiches are so good!My little cutie pie this morning at Starbucks! He’s getting SO BIG!! Sat in his own chair and ate a good portion of my bacon breakfast sandwich. We were waiting for Emily as she was at the orthodontist for her regular checkup.

And there you have it. Just a few images to give you a glimpse into the last little bit around here. I thought I had more pictures but apparently I took them all with my mind! I was too busy being in the moment to record it for posterity!!


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